ethanol removal diagramWe motorcyclists know how evil ethanol is to fiberglass tanks, engine parts and long term storage in a motorcycle. It gums up carbs and fouls tanks. To those who live on the east or west coast, your gas is worse than in other parts of the country. Here’s simple fix and cheaper, long term, than the cost of high octane premium non-ethanol gas where it’s available.

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wells vintage snowmobile book coverMy Buddie Dave Wells in Rochester NY has just released a new vintage snowmobile book. Dave is a snowmobile specialist and writes for SnowGoer magazine.

This book covers interesting sleds from 1968 to 1986. 28 collectable sleds are covered, each on two pages and he mentions the 70s stock racing war in his 126 page hardbound book. Over 100 color photos.

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Korolewich ice bike 1 thThis is Colten Korolewich from Beauséjour, Manitoba. He drives anything with wheels, tracks and a hull bottom. He is a pretty spectacular at doing those nasty high stunt jumps while hanging in the air as he twists his bike around and upside down in miraculous ways. He can be found at super nasty mud races on an ATV with ultra-aggressive tires that does fling mud.

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Dave Rand from Capitol Motosports in Winnipeg bought a couple of ice fenders from me several years ago. Just recently (Jan 2016) he called and ordered four more for his ice riding friends. Dave really likes these fenders. He says they are super rugged and last well in combat.

championship ice fender 3rd gen 1 thchampionship ice fender 3rd gen 3 th

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phazer hood development 1aI don’t have great leaps of progress to report but I wanted you to know something was happening. Here I’m prepping the base to support the superstructure. Next time you will see the superstructure skeleton. Work will slow because the wife has a bathroom project for me.

One of you guys said to allow for air scoops in my hood. Upon inspection, the vents around the steering console are exhausting vents primarily (I guess) to warm the driver. Until you-all say different, I will leave an opening in the rear but no scoops on the front side. 10-4.


Yamaha Phazer Race-style Hood