Both glass sides have been made. Now the finishing begins as side and deck top pieces are joined to frame.

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I learned from a Phazer owner this weekend that the plastic carb cover carb and air box are a bitch to remove when servicing the carb. The back of my part is filled in. I wonder if I should extend it down further (closer to the hood) so an owner just could remove that cover from the sled totally. I’d still leave a gap for cabinet heat to escape. That way carb work would be a snap. Does that louvered cover have a purpose I don’t understand? Is this a good idea?

Obernuefemann street tracker 1Ross Obernuefemann from Ballwin, MO, is known in the motorcycle community because he rides around on his street tracker with a Jack Terrier on the tank. He sent me his tank for a repair.

I noticed a clear layer of vinyl on his tank that was looking ratty. I asked him what it was and he told me it protected his tank from claws. I suggested he use another approach, a snap on/snap off removable cover. He said okay in a hesitant way because he was leary of what I had in mind. I am showing him for the first time (and you) what I created.

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The hood addition project just sat like this for a year plus. Warm weather is here and I’m motivated to complete it. The end product will be the hood cowl, fasteners and optional graphics for hood and tunnel. I’ll make the cowls in white and black.

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I’ve just made cardboard templates for the sides.

yamaha phazer development may 2022 2

I made magic marker tracing of templates on to a big piece of glass.

yamaha phazer development may 2022 3

Next, I laid down one sheet of fiberglass because I want the side parts to be flexible when I apply them to the super structure. Coming are the screw bosses which I’m having machined. That way the screw relief areas can be as perfect as possible and won’t look hand done. The cowl will screw to the hood with ¼-20 button head bolts. It will kinda look like those add-on truck fender arches. More when I have it for show and tell.

yamaha phazer development may 2022 4

ethanol removal diagramWe motorcyclists know how evil ethanol is to fiberglass tanks, engine parts and long term storage in a motorcycle. It gums up carbs and fouls tanks. To those who live on the east or west coast, your gas is worse than in other parts of the country. Here’s simple fix and cheaper, long term, than the cost of high octane premium non-ethanol gas where it’s available.

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