Minimizing the appearance of turn signals is important to custom, café and street tracker Harley owners. This kit allows the handlebars and the license plate to hide the signals. You can avoid the noticeable and busy look of normal signal stalks. Dedicated highway riders should stay away from this product as they are not DOT approved. These signals fall into the decoration category.

hidden signal 1

hidden signal base 1 hidden signal lamp 1

2½” x ¾” front signal mount conforms to 1” handlebars

hidden signal diagram 1

Internal or external wiring option

Front signals

  • Two sealed amber 2-diode LED lamps operate from 9 to 16 volts. They measure 2-5/8 x ¾” x 1”
  • Two bases match to 1” handlebar curvature
  • Four 6/32” screws

LED signals are mounted on bases which conform with the curvature of 1” bars. Place the signals as far out on the bars as possible to communicate to motorists your turning intensions. Signals can be mounted anywhere on the bars with a straight section of 2¾”. Wiring can be internal or external.

hidden signal plate front 1 th hidden signal plate rear 1 th

12 ¼ x ¾ x ¼” signal mount bar

hidden signal plate diagram 1 th

Rear signals

  • Two sealed amber 2-diode LED lamps operate from 9 to 16 volts. They measure 2 5/8L x ¾”W x 5/8”T
  • One mount bar with 8 holes for signals, wiring and license plate/frame
  • 6/32, 8/32 and ¼-20 hardware
  • Chrome license plate frame dresses up ugly license plate edges

The hidden signals for the rear hide behind the license plate and only the signals peek out. They reach out to 12 1/2” and are protected in a crash by the bike’s foot pegs, shocks and handlebars.

HiddenMCsignals© Feature

The kit includes an incandescent bulb to act as a flasher fooler. I provide wiring instructions so you don’t have to purchase and mount an expensive flasher to operate the LEDs.

Front and rear signal kit $119.00

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