Can fat old guys still race?

Ogilvie0001-750I guess so. It's been about four years since I tossed a leg over a race scooter. In July 2012 at the age of 70, I decided to give it a whirl at the Minnesota's 3/8 mile Ogilvie Raceway. Although the muscle mass is shrinking and the girth is spreading, the right hand still knows what to do. 200cc 4 stroke Mad Dog class-first in heats, first in finals. Where else can one experience the trill of spending six total minutes on the track at the cost of 50 bucks entry and the nine hours of traveling and waiting. Maybe a good book is in the running!


Hi, I'm Phil Little. I started flat track racing in 1972 when I was 29. That was a late start but I'm still at it although on a limited basis--I'm over 70 now. In 1988 I began making my own racing fenders. Race buddies started buying them. Then I advertised and everybody was buying my 'glass.' That effort turned into the 650 Yamaha Street Tracker under my Omar's company. I replaced that company name with for web communications reasons.

I offer products that do not necessarily relate to one another because they follow my interest areas (how's that for slick marketing!) Actually that's not entirely true. You see early on I would get feedback from customers - they would tell me what they wanted to buy because nobody else was making that product. Much of my current and future stuff is/will be a result of that customer input.

You will discover my products are top quality because I hate critism and will do anything to avoid it. I make stuff no one else offers. I will make competitive products if I know the competitor's product is not buyer-friendly (too expensive or too inferior.)

Have a look around the site. If you don't find what you are looking for - call me. If I determine there is a market for your product idea...well then, by golly, it will happen.

Be forewarned, you can not order anything off my website-I don't allow it. It is my rule to talk with each customer. I have learned that dialog with customers rules out screw ups. I can also suggest that a particular product won't apply...or another will.

Thanks a bunch,

~Phil Little



Over 70 and Still At It

I have promised myself to race at least once a year until I croak or I can't lift my right leg. Here is a photo from May 2013 short track at Cambridge. I am 71 in this shot.

Got a first because Jeremy Kanne crashed ahead of me - he used the wrong tire.

Senior Moments

phil dr 110WWII babies, now seniors, have lifestyle choices. Many retire and attempt golf, travel and other expected things. Many of us are starting to die off and are beginning the dependent routine of dementia. I recommend old farts inject a bit o' danger. Nothing like terrifying moments and crashes at speed to clarify the mind and take consciousness off joint pain.

On certain weekly evenings Pro-Kart (Burnsville & Maple Grove) Minnesota permits Pit Bike riding and racing. Most of the participants are pups and age from 25 to 40. There are no signs prohibiting 73 year olds so I attend--and am learning to factor out foot down flat track style riding to one of knee down cornering like road racers. I’ll get there someday.

Flat Out Friday - February 15, 2019

800 mile round trip. Crashed in first heat and DNSd for the whole day with chain issues.

phil minibike 100