For some odd reason I’ve always been into minis. It started with a Hiawatha Doodle Bug with a refrigerator engine when I was 15. Then it was Cushman Eagles and within the last 20 years I’ve been building racing minis. The first bike I show you is my XR7.50.

XR 7.50 Harley Mini Racer

xr7.50 left 1 th

This mini was built for dirt track, indoor and road racing. It had an old style 5hp Briggs with a mod kit. Clutching was via a tuned Comet Torq-a-Verter belt drive with an extreme start line stall speed-launches! Modified Mikuni flat slide carb. It acceleratee quickly and the top speed was surprisingly fast.

Asuza frame had a 7” extension to keep front end down off the line. Rear disc brake with left bar lever. 10” Asuza wheels with dirt/indoor tires. Fiberglass tank is an actual 1980 XR750. It has an anti-ethanol Caswell interior coating.

The tail is my street tracker glass, sectioned & shortened to fit. Chain tensioner kept chain in place. Handle bar perch allowed use of any 7/8 bar. Foot pegs moved to be under your body. Magura throttle body. I built 10”Sava/Midas road race tires on 10” Asuza wheels for hard surface use.

xr7.50 right 1 th   xr7.50 right 2 xr7.50 right close 1 xr7.50 left close 1 xr7.50 left close 2 xr7.50 right high 1 xr7.50 left close 3 xr7.50 tires 1 th

Build it and they will come

Pull start flat track mini bike racing is becoming more popular. Milwaukee’s Flatout Friday indoor race routinely fields 40 or so minis. Freddy Cuba has been putting on the Mini Bike Nationals in Hastings Nebraska for years. Photos are from his Nebraska races.

mini bike racing 1 mini bike racing 2 mini bike racing 3

Some of the minis I have built over the years

Big tire class mini with Wedge body

big tire mini wedge 1 mini wedge body 1

Small wheel class racer with Wedge body

small wheel wedge 1

DRZ 110 set up for indoor riding

drz110 1 th

Polaris X60 mini

This was a Polaris frame with a fast Briggs Animal and real forks. It was faster than snot and handled well. This mini was sold years ago but if you'd like to build up an X60 Polaris like this one, I have a complete parts kit (sans rear wheel and engine) to make a very fine mini bike. They had suspension front and rear plus a jackshaft which works wonders with a Comet belt clutch. Parts kit $450.

polaris x60 1 polaris x60 2

My Champion body for Asuza frame

champion body asuza frame 1

Heathkit Boonie Bike Custom Seat $249

boonie seat 1Here is a unique seat for your G-18 without a 2 speed shifter. All minis have short seats. This HK seat is full length for two reasons. It gives your mini a custom look and will make small passengers more comfortable in front and behind dad.

It is designed expressly for the Heathkit GT-18 frame with ¼-20 T-nuts. The foam is 2” semi firm. Upholstery is marine quality vinyl with smooth sides. The base is 5/8” plywood with a polyester coating top and bottom to inhibit wood rot.

I only made four of these seats because they are untraditional and more expensive than common short seats. I am selling two them in black tuck and rolled vinyl with a gold bead and a Heathkit-like logo. These are the colors of the original seats. I made a blue/black one for myself so I have one left over if you want yours in custom colors.

boonie seat 2 boonie seat 3 boonie seat 4 boonie seat 5 boonie seat 6 boonie seat 7

If interested contact me at phil@phillittleracing.com or 952-607-6063.

Thanks. Phil