george sxr 1George says...

This started as a nice low mileage 2001 Sportster Sport. I stripped it down and sold the sheet metal, instruments, headlight and turn signals. Even found a buyer for the stock exhaust, can you imagine ! I purchased another front wheel and prepped and painted both as outlined on your website, got one of your adaptors for mounting on the rear and installed Shinko dirt track tires. The exhaust used was Cone as you suggested, very nice piece and pried reasonably.

george sxr 2I used a handlebar clamp from Drag specialties with provision for indicator lamps, I installed a small 6 bulb LED headlight above the number plate. The XR replica tank came from Tedd V-Twin, was pretty crude but we made it work. I used your graphic design, with some changes, and my painter painted in instead of using vinyl, expensive but end result is very nice.

I enjoyed this project very much, it was quite easy and I’ve wanted one of these a long time. I will likely leave this here in Florida and am already shopping for another donor bike so I can have one in Michigan. If you, or anyone has any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks again for all your help and guidance!

George McCord

For those of you who have a round back 3.3 Sportster tank and want to do a bike like George’s, consider my XRX tail. It eliminates the gap between the tail and tank.

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