ron pearce sxr 1Ron is from Arlington, Texas, and he builds very nice bikes. Yes, he bought my kit, but I want you to notice some of his details:

  • Dual disc front brakes with a nice touch of gold, which match the rear wheel brakes.
  • The gold chain and paint matched rim inners fit the theme.
  • Engine externals are polished to the max degree.
  • Most customers don’t order the tail graphics but I think they are a nice answer to my tank graphics.

ron pearce sxr 2Some of you in Texas who’d like a street tracker like this but don’t have the time may want to contact Ron to see if he can help you with the build. He isn’t a commercial builder but he has a small space in his shop and big talent.

Ron Pearce

P.S. This is a good example of ‘value added’ in bike building. Let’s say Ron spent $3000 on the bike and $2000 on my kit and other stuff. He rides it as long as he wishes and when he sells he can fetch between $8,000 and $10,000 for it!

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