andrews after 1Question... What would possess a man to butcher a virtually new and pristine 2001 Sportster and turn it into a race styled machine? Because a stock street bike has no unique panache!

These are Nick’s words:

This project started out with a 2001 883 Sportster with a 1200 kit and only 13K miles. I went with Phil after finding his website and personally talking with him about my build. I had him do the extra bodywork option with orange paint/polished and free stickers application. I'm so glad I went that way and paid a little more. When the body was delivered, I had it installed within an hour. No fabricating brackets or additional welding was needed.

andrews before 1I then purchased his rear wheel conversion kit for the 7 spoke 19" Morris wheels with Shinko tires. Then came the pipes, handlebars and grips from him. With help from other vendors, I was able to get the chain conversion kit, intake, mid controls, throttle tube, and wiring kit installed. A three month project.

Very happy with the way it turned out. All questions and help were answered by Phil personally, immediately. Every part delivered, Phil sent instructions for installation. I highly recommend Phil Little Racing for any tracker build for his customer service and quality craftsmanship. Thanks Phil.

You were fun to work with Nick. 

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