robinson sxr 1Rob Robinson from Woodside, CA, had this photo taken at the most quintessential bike location in the whole state of California. He had this to say about his 1993 tracker:

I got my bike together with your tank and tail late Dec. 2017 and I’ve been enjoying the heck out it ever since! She’s earned the nickname “Movie Star” because everywhere I park she draws a crowd!

Rob is a creative sort. He’s been experimenting with gel inserts in the seat for more comfort. He’s made various shapes and style seats. “Some were more comfortable, but robbed too much the great visual lines that you created so aesthetically and I am not yet happy.” Rob also fashioned a new mount for the ignition and the choke because the tank got in the way of his old one, and he made stainless steel exhaust shields for his Supertrapp pipes (just below his spiffy rear sets).

All hail Rob, the Movie Star (he does autographs for the chosen few).

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