robinson sxr 1Rob Robinson took his first 60 mile spin on his new Sporty street tracker in early December of 2017. This he could do because he’s from Woodside, CA.

A buddy and I rode to the coast town of Pescardero. While we were sitting outside an eatery with a rather large motorcycle sculpture, having a cup of coffee, a man came up and was looking at my bike. I should say he was studying it, to be more accurate.

The man said “Is this your bike?” I replied with a simple nod, a grin and said “yup”. His very next words were "Would you like to sell it to me?” I told him that I appreciated his interest since it is the ultimate compliment that I could receive on something that I built. Then I explained that I just finished it a few days prior and was on my very first ride and I was not looking to part with it anytime soon. He pulled out his card and handed it to me and said, “If you ever do decide to sell it, please call me first”.

My reply was (half-ass kidding), "How about this: You supply me a bike, a bunch of money and I’ll build you one just like it!" This guy said he’s seriously going to consider it! Well that sums up my first experience to with the street tracker! I’m sure there will be more stories to come... perhaps even some orders, too. Who knows?

I have to say that there’s no better feeling than building this bike to my liking only to find that that everyone (and I do mean just about everyone) is in love with it too. It’s a show stopper and steals all the attention in every parking lot!

It still has the stock hand controls and I’m not even 100% done with it yet!

Hats off to your tank and tail!

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