gurley sxr 2Steve Gurley from Race Fab Performance said he bought an SXR Street Tracker kit off Ebay and created an Evel Knievel themed bike. Somehow I’m thinking he’d been working on the bike for a long time and developed a completely modernized motorcycle with upside down forks and a mono rear end and was looking for a body. He found mine and completed a truly far out Evel bike.

With a name like his company’s it’s a cinch he makes great stuff. The photos prove it. All praise Steve and all the shows he’ll win. 

Here’s what Steve said:

Mr. Little,

You're right about my appreciation of quality. My business specializes in fabrication, mainly drag racing cars and SCCA road race cars. My dad started me racing motorcycles at 4 and I was hooked.

gurley sxr 1

I started the Sportster to be a street performer that looked like a flat track bike from the early 90s (my favorite years to watch). I had experimented with several tanks and fenders but wasn't happy with any. I was on eBay one day looking and found one of your kits new in box and 

figured it was worth a try. I was immediately impressed with the quality and fit (at work I'm used to thousands of dollars race glass and carbon fiber so I know what the good stuff is) and the overall look made it. Thanks to you I had to call my custom painter for a Evel Knievel theme paint job because your tank and tail deserved nothing less.

I feel that your parts make my bike, and without them it would just be another bike. I have since bought another Sportster in anticipation of your cafe kit becoming available. I am extremely impressed with what you are doing with these bikes and look forward to doing business with you soon.

Steve Gurley

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