helks sxr 1You can eyeball Dave’s bike and read his words.

Since the age of 16, now 60, I have always owned a motorcycle. My first Harley in 1991 was a Sportster wreck. A couple of years ago I stumbled across Phil’s website, and having always fancied having a flat tracker I decided this was going to happen.

The donor bike was my brother’s, which had been in his garage unused for 7 years. Stripped the bike and sold most parts to Sportster Motorcycles of Chester. (Russ is a great bloke!) Spoke to Phil and eagerly awaited delivery. It was held up by customs who stung me so be careful of import tax. Building the bike was an absolute pleasure. ISR levers give clean look bars and bin a bucket of wiring.

Still going to convert rear wheel. I use the bike everyday to go to work and ride it like the young hooligan I used to be.

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