vintage vents sketch 1Early in 2021 I attempted to replicate vintage vents but ran into major molding problems. I started with Yamaha ETs; 250, 300 and 340. The vents were so thin that we had a high failure rate. The molten plastic wouldn’t flow thoroughly into the thin cavities. So, I discontinued that approach. Instead, I will make scoops which will have the same function. Purists will have an issue with this plan but riders and racers won’t care.

I will again start with ET scoops. All the small openings will be scoops made from fiberglass. The large vent on left rear will still be a molded plastic part.

vintage vents rear 1 

Ultimately I will make scoops and the rear vent in the four ET colors; white, red, blue and black.

vintage vents sketch 2



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