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formulawindshieldThe Ski-Doo Formula was an impressively styled sled. The Bombardier design team styled the sled with a 'low' shield. The low windshields are no longer available from the factory or aftermarket. All that you can buy are the 'mids' and the 'talls' which are practical but look like poop.

Those shields are two-piece and not at all what the original designers had in mind. My shield is will fit 1985 to 1995 Formula PRS chassis: MX, Plus, Mach I, LT, SP, XTC, Plus E, and Grand Touring with minor deviations in 94 & 95.

I‘ve been making these shields for years. I don’t sell bunches but guys who appreciate the original Doo styling buy them. I make them to order and it takes about 3 weeks to ship them. Shields are made in white or black gelcoat.

A shield recently sent to Sweden
PRS Formula shield pricing (as of 3/29/22) - New 5% hike in resin prices
Shield in WHITE, pre-drilled mount holes $299.00
Shield in BLACK, pre-drilled mount holes $309.00
Option, Shield polishing

All fiberglass parts come out of a glass-smooth mold with a less than a glass-smooth surface. That's fine if you are going to paint it. If you want an ultra smooth and shiny black shield it needs to be polished. You could do this yourself by sanding the shield with 2000 wet/dry and polishing with 3M's Finessett II white fine polishing compound. Or you could simply sand and clear coat it, too. If you want me to sand and polish it—I will.

Ski-Doo Formula low windshield instructions

  • Open box, look for damage-report now it you discover any
  • Position shield on hood. Trim the tabs if needed
  • Tape shield perfectly in position and drill mounting holes from inside the hood. I don't trust the drill points molded in the shield. Use a drill the diameter of the hood hole. DON'T drill all the way through the shield. Use drill only to mark the hole location.
  • If all things are good to this point, pull shield off. Now using a tiny, tiny drill, drill all the way though the shield. I say this because dull bigger drills tend to wander and that will mess things up. Okay now use progressively larger drills up to 1/8"-until you can use a side cutting drill. You've seen them – they are stepped and they have a side slot and cut from the edge of the hole. Regular drills tend chip the gelcoat around the hole.
  • The shield edges are raw cut and white in color. Sand the edges with 220 wet/dry and finish with 400 wet/dry. Now the edges are dark and smooth


Color sand the entire exterior with 400 wet/dry. Prime and paint with your favorite paint brand. If you want to match 1991-1993 Formula Plus Red Metallic--contact Dennis at vintagesledpaint.com (sales@vintagesledpaint.com). He'll have Ski-Doo yellow, too.

Maintaining the shield

When you get scratches (notice I didn't say 'if') and if they are minor and not too deep, sand the scratches away with 2000 wet/dry and polish away the sanding scratches with an ultra fine polishing compound and buffing pad in your drill. 3M's Finessette is the world's greatest micro polish. It costs like sin but it's magic. You might try a polish with an abrasive component but I don't know if that will work.

Report any problems so I can make corrections.

~ Phil Little
Mobile: 952-607-6063

PRS/Formula Windshield report 11/3/14

Fifteen minutes ago I gave my superb glass man the order to start making (really good and totally accurate) PRS low shields. Some of you have been waiting an awfully long time for this news. Accordingly I will move you to the top of the line. Let me know how many you want and if you want us to polish it/them for you.

See above for the slightly revised prices. (I will combine multiple orders in s single carton to shave a nickel off shipping.)

My thanks.
~ Phil

Formula PRS low windshield report 9/8/14

Nothing is as nice looking at a completed pre-mold pattern with the first coat of release wax. Of course this one is like cheating-all I'm doing is copying the original. Still there is a sense of pride in doing a thing well. Got to do seven more coats of wax then it is off to the mold maker.

ski-doo-formula-windshield-3 ski-doo-formula-windshield-3

Because I'm ahead of schedule, I'm going to tell him to go slow. I have to cash flow some higher priority motorcycle parts. We should start cranking out parts in October.

~ Phil

(This is an original shield owned by nephew Charlie Little. He gets a new one to replace this one.)

Formula PRS low windshield report 8/18/14

ski-doo-formula-windshield-1You are looking at the new and accurate Ski-Doo Formula low windshield pre-mold pattern being made. My huge mistake with the other shield is that I started from another fiberglass hood made in Canada. It had basic structural errors that I was not aware of. I should have done then what I'm doing now-making a pattern from an original shield. Luckily my nephew Charlie had one.

ski-doo-formula-windshield-2My greatest surprise was to see how thick the OEM shield was-I'd say about 3/16". That helps a lot because I was trying to make thin shields. Now that I have the original shape locked in a wooden support not much work is needed. All I have to do is work the surface smooth for molding. I will be sending you two more reports before I take the pattern to the mold maker. I should be done well before the season. I just wanted to let you know my commitment to you to finish this project.

~ Phil

PRS/Formula Windshield report 2/5/14

Straight news--I blew it. Way back when I bought a fiberglass PRS low shield from a Canadian guy-this was like 5-7 years ago. I had a glass guy make parts. They didn't sell well. I now know why. Before I discovered the problem I reworked the mold because it was poorly made and I started a new batch this past year with a new and superb glass guy. They started selling but soon after and for the first time I got negative quality reports from Shon in Nisswa and Robert in PA.

The problem all along is that I assumed they fit a PRS hood. They didn't. I instantly stopped production and searched out a stock low shield and hood. For the third time, I'm going to make a new mold and this time I know it's gonna be right because I can check it on the hood.

This season is virtually gone so this will be a product for next season. Now if you purchased a shield in 2013/14 and I haven't made good on it, I want to hear from you because I'm going to replace yours with the new and better fitting one. I'm sorry for the swear words and the cans thrown across the shop but I'm going to make you happy in the end. I will keep you informed when I have movement on this new product.

PRS/Formula Windshield report 11/4/13

This past Friday I took the repaired mold to my new glass guy. The impression I got was that I would get the first shield late this week. Then I'll know the price for you. We discussed ways to strengthen the tabs because the former glass guy always had those thin and they cracked easily.

On another point Canadian Bryan asked if I still sold suspension boots. I don't. If any of you know who the new source is please write to: bryan1340@yahoo.com

Bryan also asked about rear hood vent screen material. That I do have. I have a huge sheet of replica steel mesh. If some one of you would measure the opening (length/width) I will cut two squares and sell them for $15/pair. Then you trim them to fit (with tin snips) and screw in place.

Next report soon.

~ Phil

Ski-Doo PRS shield report 10/14/13

prs-polaris-hood1Hi guys. My RXL/Indy conversion hood is now done and I have started on the shield. I have attached a chunk of wood to it so I work on it in a vice with ease. As you recall the mission is to repair the mold, specifically the mount tabs. That work is happening. I'd guess that it will take 2 or 3 weeks. You see all those squiggly black makes inside the mold-those are imperfections that I'll sand away and polish out. When I have it all waxed and take it to fiberglass guy, I will report to you again.

Oh, I will be making the parts in black which leaves you red sled guys in the lurch. You'll have to take a red part of your sled to a paint house for color scanning and paint matching. Or if you send me the paint scan codes, I could offer the Doo red in aerosol spray cans. They usually run about 35 bucks because red is the most expensive paint color. Talk among yourselves to see how you want this handled. Maybe someone already offers this paint--search around and let me know.

~ Phil