Concept art

The new RXL Retro Star expresses the RXL/Indy hood kit in a way to mimic the TXs from 1975 to 1978. I introduced it at Waconia in 2019. It will fit on Indys from 1980 to 1997 with the extruded aluminum front bumper. It’s 2020 and my garage is too full so I’m selling this unique sled-email me at or call/text 952-607-6063. The Retro in normal times would sell for $3500+ but you can own it at $2500 or B/O.

The graphics go on a white RXL hood. The standard graphics will be midnight blue and red. I converted a big tank seat to look like the photo. Go to my RXL page to see how I did one. Have your upholsterer do the same or similar thing. I used black and red on my showcase sled because I don’t like the hassle of changing the pan color to blue.

retro star waconia 2019 1
Retro Star on a gloomy day at Waconia 2019

Pricing (as of 6/25/19)

RXL hood and nose, in white
Specify 1989 on big tank or pre 1988 small tank
Duez ¼ turn hood latch kit $60.00
Hood/nose graphics $249.00
Graphics installation $99.00
Mesh grill screen $89.00
RXL halogen long-distance headlight
Mounts on nose or on bars
Light mount for steering column $27.00
Flat race handlebars $39.00
Custom hand-built carton & plastic bag $45.00
Grille in black or aluminum $109.00

RXL Grille

rxl grille full frontFor years RXL owners have been asking me for a grille. I let it slide because I couldn’t figure out how to make or attach one. The mental processes finally won out and I now offer an RXL grille.

The original RXLs had them and it’s cool to mount the new grille in front of the headlight. The headlight won’t be hanging inside the hood mouth like a bad tooth. The material is aluminum so I can ship it in natural aluminum or paint it semi-flat black for you.

I am surrounding the mesh with a rubber trim edge, otherwise the jagged mesh edges would eat away the nose fiberglass or for sure cut your fingers in handling. There’s blood on my shop floor.

I found some nifty little aluminum angle mounts to hold the grille in place.

rxl grille full rear rxl grille attachment point 1 rxl grille attachment point 2

Price is $89.00 (and includes my ER visits).

RXL LED Taillight

rxl led tail light 1For those of you who are going to use a custom seat on your RXL or Retro, here is the perfect rear taillight. Whether you use a Conrad seat or make a custom back end for a big tank seat-the stock taillight can’t be used or shouldn’t be used because it screws up the sleek sloping rear. This light is 16 3/16” long, which is perfect because it goes completely across the seat.

If you are using a Conrad seat, I’ll send this light to him so he can include a stripe of wood in your seat to mount this light. If you use the big tank seat base, you mount this light in the rear plastic edge of that seat base. Before you upholster the seat, drill the two mount holes (8 ½” on center) and the wiring hole (5/16”, if I remember correctly) in the seat base plastic. After upholstery, you just probe for the holes.

rxl led tail light diagram

The light uses six-diode LEDs. It will operate from 9 to 16 volts. It has two wires and the ground wire is marked. The entire housing is one-piece and sealed with epoxy to eliminate moisture. It sits on a rubber mounting gasket. I searched high and low for a suitable light but they were all too short-then I found this perfect one and it was cheaper than the shorter SLP light.