yz80 right 1YZ 80 fenders are unobtainable at this point of time. My front and back fenders are made to order. We build them in fiberglass from the molds below. Fenders come out in white gelcoat. You have a choice of general purpose resin which is on the stiff side or you can have them made from vinyl ester which is a bit more flexible but more expensive.

yz80 fender orange 1I assume you are interested mostly in a static display because these fenders will not last with active use. You’ll fall, hit a branch or bap the lawn mower putting the bike away it can be crack city. They aren’t whimpy but they are still fiberglass. They’ll last 20 minutes if kids ride the bike. Now if you don't give a rat's behind and you want to use the bike vigorously, order two sets of each now and I'll give you a users discount.

Front and back in GP resin $ to come
Front and back in vinyl ester resin $ to come 

yz80 fender front 1 yz80 fender front 2

yz80 fender rear 1 yz80 fender rear 2