Sportster XRTT/Café Progress Report 7, June 3, 2020

xrtt cafe tail report 6a

I spent a goodly number of months crafting this café body for Sportsters. I got to the point where I did not like the results. I am going to scrap this entire effort and start all over. I will keep you informed with reports on new direction.

My next move will be to take some styling clues from the 1977 XLCR Harley Café bike and improve it. I kinda like the slimmer tank on the XLCR but the tail has to be completely redone. I may produce my body in two versions:

1) A traditional vintage café like the XLCR

traditional xlcr 1

and 2) a Tracy Don Castro Model like this...

tracy don castro model 1

It would be a simple new tail to go with the one tank.