xrx sportster dirt track tail 12jan2015 1This is my Gen II battery side cover with rounded contours to compliment the shape of the oil tank on the right side. This is a fiberglass piece made in black gelcoat. The surface from the mold is microscopically rough so I sand it with 2000 wet/dry and polish with 3M’s Finessette II so it looks like a factory part.

xrx sportster dirt track tail 12jan2015 2xrx sportster dirt track tail 12jan2015 3

To install it remove the old battery cover (with skulls maybe) and the little triangular plate that hides electrics. Install my cover to the three mounts for the triangle cover. I provide three black flat head Allen screws that screw into that factory mounts. Over time these rubber mounts degrade. Hardware store and Harley rubber/metal mounts are too under sized to fit the frame holes snugly. Often I wrap the mounts with plastic electrical tape before I first install them-this helps a bit.

SXR Pricelist - 7/19/22

Prices of glass parts are increased 5% due to increased resin costs.

Tank in white: coating, cap, petcocks & mounting $667
Tail in white: seat, taillight & license plate $693
Orange & black body parts sanded, polished & graphics applied free (learn more) $250
Left side cover, rounded style, black $132
Mud guard, replaces stock fender dirt deflector $74
Chrome license plate frame $15
LED turn signals 4, not legal $45
LED turn signals 2, not legal $29
Hidden headlight kit for AMA plate $89
SXR Graphics - 750, 883, 1000, 1200
Order individually or as a kit
Tank sides $89
Tail graphics $29
Fork guard $29
SXR kit (tank & tail) $147
SXR/USA Graphics
Order individually or as a kit
Tank sides $89
No. 1 for tail deck/tank top $23
Tail graphics $29
Fork guards $29
Six-piece USA graphics kit $212
Fork brace $255
Fork guards, mounts to brace, white, orange or black $129
Front fender, mount to brace, white, orange or black $119
Kit A: 9 spoke wheel, ¾” axle, 1.980 or 2.3” OD pilot $325
Kit B: 13 spoke cast wheel, 1” axle, 2.205 OD pilot $345
Kit D: 13 spoke wheel, ¾” axle, 2.208” OD pilot $345
Kit E: 13 spoke wheel, 3/4" axle, 1.975" OD pilot $345
Machine cast wheels for 7/16” screws (kits C, D, E) $65 + shipping
Machine 13 spoke wheels for 7/16" screws and bore center (kit B, 1" axle) $122 + shipping
1” Dirt track bars w/ dimples, Rise-4”, Pullback-10” Width-34” $89
Hammer head grips, old style, huge hit $19
15” Progressive shocks, no sleeves, black 60/130 springs $312
SuperTrapp 2-into-2 stainless for 1985-03 Sportsters $1055
SuperTrapp 2004-2010 Sportsters w/ O 2 sensors $1075
Cone 2-into-1 stainless for 1985-03 Sportsters $770
Cone 2-into-1 stainless for 2004-13 Sportsters w/ O2 sensor $825


xr750 tank th


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Visa. Master, Discover. Minnesotans add 7.5.% tax. Cards charged only on day of shipment.


15% restocking charge, subject to condition. Shipping charges not compensated.


Specs and prices may change without prior notification.

Products sold by PLR are copyrighted. Some parts are not DOT approved for street use and are for racing only.

Phil Little is ripoff artist

Why is that piker Phil Little charging $125 for an orange color upgrade and why does he charge me $125 to sand my parts?


My fiberglass guy normally shoots white parts. White gelcoat is the cheapest resin and it hides flaws well. When I ask him to shoot orange he has to take time purging the lines on his spray equipment, dial in the orange and re-purge the lines to shoot white again. This takes time he wants to be compensated for. Reasonable.

Parts sanding

When parts come out of the mold the surface is always orange-peely. And scratches appear as the part is dragged out of the mold. Scratches and dips in the mold are imported to the part. Oh for sure you can take the parts as-is and do the work yourself. (You sand with 2000 w/d and polish with 3M's Finessette II.) I spend a whole bunch of time sanding and polishing. I often do it 2 and 3 times to get rid of all the blems. Sometimes foreign specs are in the part. I remove them and fill the divot with orange gelcoat. (It would be impossible for you to do this.) When I’m done, the surface is beautiful. This step too takes time.

This guy makes your wheel kits

jeff ellison 1Jeff Ellison is a metal whiz. He takes giant pieces of aluminum and whittles them into beautiful spacer kits. Here he is with a solid ‘short’ chunk of aluminum--it’s just a six footer. Normally this stuff comes 12’ long. To get this little piece on to the saw, Jeff has to call the guys in his shop to help him muscle it onto the table.

Jeff is an old flat tracker but now does fast trail riding and ice riding. He just turned 61 in March 2017. I had him make a ring for the 9 spoke conversion kit, and so there was no confusion about which part I needed I called it a “Jeff ring”. So now you know.

Today's Topic: Buying Sportster wheels and setting them up for a street tracker

Craig Caldwell
Self-taught Sportster expert

Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a 19” 13 spoke mag wheel. Especially if you are going to use the new 19” wheel on the front and your existing 19” on the rear.

This option might be preferable if you want to:

  • Upgrade your bearings to sealed in the front.
  • Upgrade your brakes to 4 piston in the front.
  • Make sure that your rear brake rotor and pulley/sprocket have the right pilots.

There are few different versions of the 19” 13 spoke front wheels used in the Sportster family. They use different bearings, have their own appearance, hub dimensions and mate up with different brake rotors and pulley/sprockets.

There appears to be some overlap in the transition years. Some of the Australian made wheels had fully painted spokes with no bare aluminum flats. Front and rear brake rotors are not the same. Rear brake rotors require ⅜” bolts and front brake rotors require 5/16” bolts.

Here’s a summary of the years, wheels, brakes and fitment

Axle SizeBearing TypeHub WidthPilot O.D.Notes
3/4" Timken 4.055" 1.975" These wheels are compatible with pre-2000 brake rotors with a 1.985” ID. 2000-? brake rotors with a 2.215” ID require an adapter. The brakes used on this era of bike were single piston floating calipers. The brake mounts on the forks changed in 2000.
 3/4" Sealed 4.391" 2.208" These wheels are compatible with 2000 and on brake rotors with a 2.215 ID. They are not compatible with pre-2000 rotors. The brakes used were 4 piston floating calipers which use a different brake mount than the pre-2000 bikes.

If you use this wheel on the front of a pre-2000 Sportster you will need to replace your left fork lower (in the case of a single disk bike) and brake caliper with newer units.
 1" Sealed 4.391" 2.208" These wheels are compatible with 2000 and on brake rotors with a 2.215 ID. They are not compatible with pre-2000 rotors. The brakes used were 4 piston floating calipers which use a different brake mount than the pre-2000 bikes.

If you use this wheel on the front of a pre-2000 Sportster you will need to replace your left fork lower (in the case of a single disk bike) and brake caliper with newer units.
In 2008 HD switched to a 25mm (1”) axle. All bets are off! Phil’s B kit has worked with these wheels with no problems.

Good luck and have fun.

Craig Caldwell

Crazy Frenchman Does the Impossible

quesnel 1A time back I was contacted by a French gal, Magali, who is a good friend and interpreter for Christian Quesnel. As he said, “I’m not so good with languages but I do know mechanics”. They both live in the mountains of St Cassien, France. Normally I don’t sell my 27° steering kit to non-racers, but Christian insisted. He proved my reluctance unwarranted.

Great idea on the cheap

morris gold sxr wheel 1Here’s a way to avoid costly powder coating or multistep auto paint for your wheels. Peter Morris out Utah way just did a rattle can job on his wheels (see the entire project bike). If you polish the sidewalls (or sand them to a fine grit) and clean your wheels, aerosol is the answer. Don’t forget a light primer.

Yes there will be some work masking but it will be rewarding. The tires will protect the paint and when its thoroughly dry it will last.

Pete said “I ordered wheel paint, clear coat from Grimm Speed. As with all painting 90 percent was in the prep. I cleaned the wheels with a soda blast process (from Harbor Freight) then washed them. Then cleaned with acetone. I then used wet and dry down to 2000 grit for the rim edges where I wanted to leave unpainted. I then polished the clear areas before clear coating over the gold and unfinished areas. I LOVE the color.

Here’s source of wheel paint.

A One-Off Fiberglass Project

Obernuefemann street tracker 1Ross Obernuefemann from Ballwin, MO, is known in the motorcycle community because he rides around on his street tracker with a Jack Terrier on the tank. He sent me his tank for a repair.

I noticed a clear layer of vinyl on his tank that was looking ratty. I asked him what it was and he told me it protected his tank from claws. I suggested he use another approach, a snap on/snap off removable cover. He said okay in a hesitant way because he was leary of what I had in mind. I am showing him for the first time (and you) what I created.

Sweet UK Tracker

SweetTracker2Alistair Renvoize from Penrith, England built the Sportster street tracker I should have built but I did mine on the cheap. Al said...

"Ever since my youth I had dreamt of one day buying an XR750. They are too expensive so I started exploring the possibility of converting a Sportster into a replica. That is when I stumbled across Phil's site on the internet. The products and ethos felt right. I ordered the tank, seat unit, 19" front to rear wheel conversion kit, etc."

Some SXR Products

  • CNC machined in a skeletal style. It strengthens the front end and acts as a mount for front fender and fork guards. It’s aircraft alloy aluminum. Mounts without removing the wheel.
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  • This is my Gen II battery side cover with rounded contours to compliment the shape of the oil tank on the right side. This is a fiberglass piece made in black gelcoat. The surface from the mold is microscopically rough so I sand it with 2000 wet/dry and polish with 3M’s Finessette II so it looks like a factory part.
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  • Street trackers and for sure Hooligan racers need a 19" rear wheel so dirt track tires can be used-(dirt track tires are only made in 19”.) The cheapest source of a 19" wheel is buying another front. Yes, gigantic tires can be mounted on narrow 2.15” wheels. I now have conversion kits for all the H-D, AMS and Morris 19” front wheels from 1973 to late model 13 spoke wheels with ¾” and 1”’ axles.
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  • Dirt track styled bars are wider for leverage and position the arms more comfortably. Stock bars is really not such a good idea for racing. This 1” bar has a 4" rise, a 10" pullback and 34" width. They are dimpled to allow cables to pass under switch components. Price is reasonable too.
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  • Stainless steel exhausts look right on a street tracker. Performance gains and weight savings.
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  • Hooligan 2-into-1 pipe system fits 1985-2013 Sportsters (please specify when you order. This is a race styled exhaust for the track and rural street, too BUT may I suggest you not use them in cities for the good of motorcycling. This pipe will be fine for short Hooligan tracks of 1/8 to ¼ mile. They will perform even better on long ½ mile and mile tracks. Lightweight, it tucks in low alongside the frame to avoid damage in right hand corners or a high side. The 2 ¼” x 12” megaphone has a deep throaty sound and excessive noise is trapped by a perforated core surrounded by permanent steel wool packing--no repacking needed. It's brushed stainless steel. You don’t have to paint it and it is non-rusting.
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  • These are high quality American shocks that were designed specifically for AMA Sportster dirt track racing some years back. They are more robust than street shocks. Construction is double wall. The big beefy shaft is precision ground and hard chromed. Shocks use a fluid cell to produce fade free damping. Pre-load adjustments have five positions for your weight. And most importantly they are 15” tall.
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  • Tank and tail graphics for XR (750, 883, 1000, 1200)  
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  • The secret for Sportster Hooligan racers Design © 2019 Phil Little Racing.com, All rights reserved Starting at $545 Do not buy this kit unless your steering head has these dimensions: Steering head OD 2.90” (2 ¼") ID of bearing race 1.932 (2” +/-) ID of internal head 1.785” Head length 7 1/8” See the installation guide. Some late-model pre-rubber frames had narrower heads. Kit does not fit rubber frames. Simply put my steering head insert kit moves the front wheel and fork rearward 3 degrees for faster, easier, more controlled cornering The Sportster Racing QuikTurn 27°© is a product for those who race Sportsters on dirt tracks. It does not benefit road riders other than aesthetics.
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  • These are high quality American shocks that are perfect for street and short track racing Sportsters. They are more robust than street shocks. The double wall steel body construction with nitrogen charged, multi-staged velocity sensitive valving gives you smooth, consistent damping. A five-position cam style preload adjuster lets you dial in your ride whether you're a light rider or heavier. 
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  • Rightly or wrongly I designed the fender and fork guards to mount on my fork brace. The idea was style and I forgot all about cost. The price of the fender and guards is cheap enough but the brace cost kinda blew the deal. Some guys have order all the parts and have been fine. Others found a way to mount the guards without the brace. The fender? That is locked into and formed around the brace. If you wanted the brace anyway (for racing or street) then the guards are no problem.
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  • I created this front fender for guys who wanted a little spray protection on those days when you left under the sun but it started to rain when you were too far out to rush home. It is abbreviated so as not to be too massive. SXR front fender mounts to fork brace To simplify mounting I installed thread-zerts that allow you to bolt it to the underside of the fork brace. Screws are included. When you know the weather is going to be nice you can unattach it to be flat track cool. On iffy days re-mount it.
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  • NEW in 11/2/21 This kit allows you to mount an AMA number plate where your headlight was mounted. This will give your street bike more of a flat track look and if you ride a Hooligan racer on the street, you can be legal. This kit hangs an ultra-high power 55 watt halogen driving light from your lower fork tree.
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Generation II tank and tail for SXR

The new Gen II SXR tank


About a year ago I made a new Gen II tank and tail and have been selling them ever since but have failed to show you the difference. My bad.

This photo shows you the old and new tanks. The new tank is about 2" wider and just 1/4" taller than the old tank. I think the new one looks better than the old one--it's just proportioned length/width-wise better than the narrow original.

The side view is very close to the old tank. The only difference is the graphic panel is slightly reduced.

The new Gen II SXR tail

ExhaustShield2 th

You can contrast the new Gen II tail in this photo with the old molded in taillight in Gen I tail. The new Gen II tail has a larger taillight which is safer. The overall design of the tail is unchanged.