british fenders white 1 british fenders white 2
5" (left, top) and 4.5" (right, bottom) fenders

I know that some of you BSA & Triumph builders will be turned off by fiberglass fenders but hear me out. Now if you just have to have stainless fenders go ahead and buy one for $225 to $600. If you are painting your fender to match the factory paint or are doing a custom paint job, consider fiberglass for the price and ease of prepping for paint.

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BSA and Triumph original painted fenders

My fenders are reproduction fenders from the originals, yes with the bead on the front edge. Another nice feature is that you can trim off the rear edge if you are doing a period café bike. I intend to do that to my 1967 Starfire. Another thought for you... when a stainless fender dents you are screwed. When fiberglass takes a hit, it’s repairable.

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I almost forgot you vintage dirt trackers who are doing a solo seat and pillion pad rear end. You should buy the 5” fender to fit over your 18” or 19” tire.

I offer two front fenders:

  • A 5” wide fender arched for 18 & 19” tires - $125
  • A 4½” wide fender arched for 17 & 18” tires - $125

Fenders are made to order and the turnaround time is 2 weeks.