Street trackers and for sure Hooligan racers need a 19" rear wheel so dirt track tires can be used-(dirt track tires are only made in 19”.) The cheapest source of a 19" wheel is buying another front. Yes, gigantic tires can be mounted on narrow 2.15” wheels. I now have conversion kits for all the H-D, AMS and Morris 19” front wheels from 1973 to late model 13 spoke wheels with ¾” and 1”’ axles.

Kit A for 9-Spoke Wheels

Bolt-on conversion kit allows you to mount a 9-spoke front 19” Sportster wheel on the rear. It will fit cast and spoked wheels designed for ¾” axle from 1986 to 1995. Kit contains 2 big spacers, 2 little spacers, ten 7/16” cap screws, 3 sealed bearings and a long bearing inner crush spacer. The 5/16 holes in your wheel have to be drilled and tapped for 7/16"-14 cap screws. Have a local machinist do this. In a pinch I can have my guy do it (about 69 bucks.)

You don’t have to give me specs to order an A Kit. They are all the same. Avoid using a 9 spoke wheel on a bike that is designed for a 13 spoke wheel. We have not spec’d the conversion out and don’t know how to do this.

Do not attempt to install an A kit made for 9 spoke wheels on a later Sportster designed for 13 spokes. We do not have a kit to do this.

Kits B, D and E for 13-Spoke Wheels

When you order a kit for a 13-spoke cast wheel I need these specs:

wheel kit sketch 11. What is the axle diameter?

  • ¾” (19mm)
  • 1” (25mm)

2. What is outside diameter of wheel collar around the bearings? (Same as ID of rotor/sprocket hole.)

  • 1.975"
  • 2.208”

3. What is the mount face-to-mount face wheel across the hub where rotor and sprocket mount?

  • 4.055”
  • 4.391”

Kit F for 7-Spoke Morris Wheels

ams wheel 1Fits 1973-2003 Sportsters with ¾" rear axles. Kit includes:

  • Special big adapters
  • Bearings to replace the stock wheel bearings
  • 10 Allen screws (7/16" x 1½")

You need to drill out your 5/16" holes and tap for 7/16-14. Kit uses OEM spacers against the swingarm.


SXR & XRX 19” wheel conversion kit selection table

HD wheels made to 1999 have 1.975” bearing sleeve ODs. 
HD wheels from 2000 have 2.333” bearing sleeve ODs.

KitSpokesAxle Dia.Hub width*Sprocket/disc center holePrice
A 9 3/4" 4.055" 1.975 or 2.333" $325
B 13 1" 4.391" 2.208" $345
D 13 3/4" 4.391" 2.208" $345
E 13 3/4" 4.055" 1.975" $345
F** 7 3/4" - 1.975" $439

19 inch wheel kit dimension sketch* From mounting face to mounting face
** Narrow AMS wheel requires two extra ‘Chater’ wheel adapters